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Edit by: & Traditionally we conclude the year with a best of video of the greatest WIN moments the year did offer us. So here are the 72 best clips from our twelve monthly compilations, plus a few extra clips that hadn't been seen on this channel before. Perfectly timed so you can show it at your New Year's Eve party (or just show alle compilations in a row!). And we promise not to have included something from our April Fool's FAIL Compilation. ;) Enjoy & share! P.S.: Also kinda traditionally our January Edition is going to be late due to sloth-like New Year's lethargy... ------------ Playlist 2018: JAN 18: FEB 18: MAR 18: APR 18: MAY 18: JUN 18: JUL 18: AUG 18: SEP 18: OCT 18: NOV 18: DEC 18: Rest of 18: FAIL Compilation: All WIN Compilations and lists of original videos: Sources of the 5 extra videos: Bird photobombs weather report: Dog Caught Secretly Riding A Pony When Owners Aren't Home Late At Night: Drag ‘Elsa’ just single-handedly pushed out a stuck police wagon: Man's Ice Skating Escapade on Frozen Maine Beach Captured on Video: A little post bath lip sync battle last night❤️: #bestof2018 #bestofyoutube ------------- SUBSCRIBE for monthly WIN: ------------- FYI: Ads and this Infobox-"i" are NOT FROM US. We don't make a cent out of the compilations, these are from copyright owners of the clips we put together for you.
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