another mega-late underrated vine compilation part 5

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thanks for watching, no im not making money from this video, half the vines are copyrighted and the songs are mega copyrighted Here's the list: 00:00 Jay Worthy ft. Curren$y - Hop Out Remix (Prod. Sean House) 00:08 Dan curtin 00:15 chloe lmao 00:21 Andrew Marbach and chris melberger 00:27 aaron chewning 00:34 aaron chewning 00:40 brendon mcnerney and Matt king 00:46 anthony padilla 00:51 mielmonster 00:56 Cruise Da Fukboi and the song is Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1 by kanye west 01:03 crust dalo 01:08 J. Cyrus 01:15 aaron chewning 01:20 @mattsukkar 01:27 @kingofpomeranians 01:33 IG @JacobKornwolf 01:40 @meechonmars 01:47 shan dude and chris melberger 01:53 dont know who uploaded it to vine but its definitely from The Eric Andre Show 01:59 Alex Ernst 02:06 andrew marbach 02:12 this is just an edit of the iconic vine, dont know who uploaded it sorry 02:19 Bo Burnham, go watch his new movie eighth grade 02:25 Míster Jägger 02:27 brandon calvillo with IG @ManonMathews & IG vincentmarcus 02:34 Cody Ko 02:40 Cody Ko 02:46 Chris Melberger and andrew marbach 02:51 Christine Sydelko 02:57 Noel Miller 03:04 crust dalo 03:09 IG HannahPilkes and J. Cyrus 03:15 Cute Emergency 03:22 song is I Am Not A robot by Marina & The Diamonds 03:28 JoeyC 03:32 JoeyC 03:39 Cody Ko 03:45 Dante Smith 03:52 Digg and the song is Collide (Chris Lord-Alge Mix aka Radio Edit) 03:58 Digg and the song is Raiders Of the Lost Ark Song (Raiders March) 04:05 Dope Island 04:11 electrolemon and the song is wake up by Arcade Fire 04:18 aaron chewning 04:24 Zane Hijazi, toddy smith and Scotty Sire and the song is Time Stops by Virtual Riot 04:30 Chloe Lmao 04:37 this is probably from some tv show and was uploaded to vine, idk where this is from exactly sorry 04:43 Chloe Lmao 04:49 @kurtisconner and the song is What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction 04:55 IG @ManonMathews and J. Cyrus and vincentmarcus 05:00 IG bencahn 05:06 J. Cyrus 05:12 ig stephenpendleton1 and the song is F*ck Up Some Commas by Future 05:19 Cassandre Presume 05:25 IG @ManonMathews and MattCutshall 05:32 Scotty Sire 05:38 @kurtisconner 5:44 vincentmarcus 05:50 its from some reality tv show, dont know the name though sorry 05:57 J. Cyrus 06:03 lmao jack (ig @jack.wmv) and the song is Independent Women Part 1 by Destiny's Child 06:09 Justin J Russo 06:16 Justin J Russo 06:22 mielmonster 06:29 liam walsh and the song is Big Green Tractor by Jason Aldean 06:35 Nick Colletti 06:42 brandon calvillo, vincentmarcus , ry doon, jason nash and MattCutshall 06:48 MattCutshall and the song is Work by Rihanna feat. Drake 06:55 Scotty Sire and Toddy Smith 07:00 Skrillex and the song is Febreze feat. 2 Chainz by Jack Ü 07:07 @spockmusic 07:13 the outsider Twitter Bowhunter187 and the song is Don't leave me this way by Thelma Houston 07:19 TheRationalNational and Jeb Bush 07:26 TheRationalNational 07:32 twitter tkylemac 07:39 twitter tkylemac and the song is Higher by Carly Rae Jepsen 07:45 Youtube Chelcie Lynn 07:52 Wahlid Mohammad and the song: 07:57 Wahlid Mohammad 08:02 jason nash, brandon calvillo and ry doon 08:08 yunglame 08:14 I have no idea 08:20 mielmonster 08:26 MattCutshall and the song is how deep is your love by calvin harris 08:33 the song is There She Goes by The La's 08:39 "The singing bin man" in Cambridge and the song is Champs Elysées by Joe Dassin 08:46 Noel Miller 08:52 mielmonster 08:56 @corypoppins and the song is Tired of Being Alone by Al Green 09:02 Noel Miller 09:09 Good Morning by cabu irham 09:14 Chloe Lmao 09:46 idubbbz 09:58 funhaus 10:13 10:19 10:34 10:52 11:05 Skrillex & Diplo - To Ü (feat. AlunaGeorge) (Instrumental version)
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