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So YouTube removed this video for "harmful or dangerous content." I don't know what that means, they didn't tell me a specific reason. They removed it again when I tried to reupload it, so I ended up removing the kitchen gun clip (I'm guessing that was the issue) and replaced it with a new one. So, hopefully this stays up this time. Check out CircleToonsHD, his videos are hilarious: Links to all the clips I used (in order of appearance): Cereal - Peas - Pump It Cat - Corn Dog - Screaming Fish - Da Pigeon - Scissors - A KNIFE - Communism - Duck Army - Glove Army - Bear Trap - Yogurt - Wheelchair Cat - Elmo Stick - Ants - Dogs - Benedict Cumberbatch - Shoot me - Rodent Scream - Kitchen Gun - 80s Roller Rink - Mushroom - Fire Truck - Baby Shark - Squidward Dab - Drowning Chicken - Claw Machine - Deer Flip - Bowling - 2019 Memes - Hiring Women - Rey & Thomas - Hamburger - Corn - Seagulls - Ankle - Ghost Mustard - Racoon - Sims 3 - None of the clips used are mine, I just found them in the deep dark crevices of YouTube. Copyright Issue? Email me at [email protected] Intro and outro music credit to
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