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Can you make all these smart choices? Then try to solve these 11 hard riddles that stumped the world! These popular brain teasers and brain games will increase your intelligence and logical skills :) If you need a boost of energy when you just woke up, then you're welcome to solve this fun portion of riddles. 00:14 - Hey, you're on a famous TV! To get the money you have to put your hand in one of three tanks. Which tank would you put your hand in and why? Share your answers in the comments ;) 01:16 - Where is Katy hiding? Test your vision and attentiveness to the details to solve this visual brain teaser! 02:19 - You're to get the criminal! Look carefully and try to find where he's hiding before the time is up! 03:21 - A tricky brain teaser that will boost your brain speed and test your critical thinking! 04:34 - A terrifying riddle with an answer to make you face your biggest fears! You should hold tight to your common sense and logic in order to not be driven mad. One of the doors is exactly safe and you have to figure out which one. I wish you good luck! 05:56 - At the Heidi and Jasper's wedding anniversary party someone stole a guest's necklace! You are to find the thief before the time is up! 07:13 - John decided to escape from prison. He found 3 doors leading outside. Which one should he choose to escape and why? Share your answers in the comments :) 08:43 - A mysterious riddle with an answer where you have to quickly come up with the right solution to save your life! This riddle will tease your brain and make you think outside the box as only a creative solver with a good memory will find the way out of here. What would you do to survive? 09:47 - A tricky brain game to boost your brain power and improve your logical skills! 11:41 - Hey friend, here is a difficult riddle for you! You're trapped and can only escape if you think fast and make decisions really quickly. You'll have to crack this intricate riddle using all your logic and brilliant thinking skills before the entire building explodes. But there is a way out of any situation, and this one has even two solutions! 13:17 - What would you choose? A tricky survival riddle to test your logic! Think twice before giving your answer! ;) TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which puzzle game was the hardest for you to solve! #smartchoices #hardriddles #trickypuzzles Music: Epidemic Sound Music: Youtube Library Subscribe to 7-Second Riddles: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join us on Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: Website: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:
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